Being founded as a regional supplier of advanced equipment, today INTRATOOL is a diversified holding, providing engineering and consultation service for industrial enterprises.
Main stages: 
2002   — INTRATOOL Company was founded in St. Petersburg. The company entered the Russian market and started to work with reliable partners-suppliers. It hired 18 employees. 

2003  —  Business activity expansion caused formation of a departments on sale ofmachine equipment and cutting tools. Opening of Moscow office "INTRATOOL — Moscow". 

2004  — To ensure effective work with customers, the company made up service and maintenance division for repair performance and spare parts sale. The regional office INTRATOOL -VOLGA in Volgograd was formed. 

2005 — The Kazakhstan filial CASPIANTOOL was opened. 

2006 — Tyumen filial INTRATOOL –SIBIR was opened. The company supported new area of business: engineering and service, implementation of innovative technologies on leak elimination and cutting-in under pressure. 

2007 — Service company INTRA was formed. It carries out specialized service and contracting and equipment rental service. INTRATOOL Ukraine was also established. 

2008 — Zapolyarny office in Murmansk region was opened.   

2010 — INTRATOOL-Sakhalin office was established. WELDSOL Company appeared. Kemerovo and Belgorod offices were opened. 

2011 — foundation of INTRALINE Company; Baku office, Azerbaijan was opened. UAB «SK INTRA BALTIC» in Vilnyus was set up. Number of employees was 252. 

2012 — By its 10th anniversary, the company consisted of 5 companies and a wide network of regional offices. Number of employees was more than 350 heads. 

2013 — SC-INTRA is the best service provider in the oil refining and petrochemical market in CIS (according to World Refining Association).

2014 — INTRATOOL Group comprises 10 independent companies, specialized in production, transfer and processing of natural resources and power industry. There are offices in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Baltia and Belorussia. Number of employees is more than 700.

2015 - INTRATOOL Group launched the production of high-pressure pumping equipment and processing pumps "Hammeimann-Intratool Pumps and System".