• Project documentation development
    The INTRA PROJECT experts as a part of INTRATOOL Group, develop project documentation according to the requirements of technical regulations and normative legal acts.
  • Construction works
    INTRA PROJECT performs installation and construction works as new built buildings and constructions, and work on reconstruction and overhaul of industrial facilities.
  • Supply and construction management
    The company provides project planning, administration and supply closure of systems and equipment.
  • Project management
    Project management under the terms of EPC (M) is carried out by a specially skilled team of INTRA PROJECT specialists involving the necessary specialists from other companies of INTRATOOL group.
EPC (M) Advantages of EPC (M) format. The main advantage of working in the EPC (M) format is the coordination of work, assessment of the effectiveness of the work and the ability to quickly respond to changes that are made to the project. With this approach, the consequences for the project are minimal. A responsibility: Fulfillment of contractual obligations in accordance with the schedule of works; Performance of work with high quality, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Customer; Monitoring the implementation of the project at each stage; Centralized project management :: "Parallel work" - Design and survey-Construction and installation-Equipment; The absence of collisions at the junction of the Design and survey-Construction and installation-Equipment; Management of decision making processes with the Customer; Manage the timing of work; Implementing projects on an EPC (M) basis significantly reduces project time and allows you to control costs.