Project management
Project management under the terms of EPC (M) is carried out by a specially skilled team of INTRA PROJECT specialists involving the necessary specialists from other companies of INTRATOOL group.

INTRA project is a modern design and engineering company.

It performs a full range of “turn-key" services and activities in the area of development, technical and design solutions, organization schemes of production processes, technology solutions with regards to new and existing equipment at the enterprises.

While managing the project, project team ensures management of the project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, design, human resources, communications, risk management, and supply.

At a stage of project planning there are a number of activities to be done:

  • Development of the project management plan.
  • Collecting of requirements.
  • Determination of the contents.
  • Creation of hierarchical works structure
  • Definition of operation structure.
  • Definition of operation interrelations
  • Assessment of operation resources
  • The estimated duration of operations.
  • Development of Schedule.
  • Valuation.
  • Cost Budgeting.
  • Quality Planning.
  • Development of a plan for human resource management.
  • Communications planning.
  • Risk Management Planning.
  • Supply planning.

At the stage of monitoring and control the project team carries out: a general change management, inspection and control of the project scope, schedule control, cost, quality, design, performance reporting, monitoring and risk control, administration of supplies.

After the closing of supply stages, staff training, transfer of the project to the customer, the company provides engineering maintenance.