Automated warehouses
One of key activities of our company is production of in-house equipment and devices. We provide customer with a ready-made product for the high efficiency of storage and retrieval system.

The company creates an organization structure of the enterprise. The integrated approach to designing allows to reduce significantly construction (modernization) investments, operational costs and equipment investments.

Within projects the company realized the following modern technical solutions in warehouse logistics:

  • Automated warehouse for raw parts, equipment and tools.
  • Transportation equipment significantly reduces the amount of equipment and improves productivity.

At the same time, "order" placed in different cells of the warehouse can be collected automatically by the system upon request from the warehouse worker. Merging of several rooms into one common stock is a peculiar feature of this technical solution.

The combination of conveyor and elevator systems with intermediate storage, facilitates optimal work of the rest of the warehouse equipment and avoiding warehouse downtime.



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