• Technical and market assessment
    Technical and economic assessment by INTRA PROJECT specialists, allows to make an optimal choice of equipment, technology, production implementation, enterprise management.
  • Technical production audit
    Technical production audit, performed by INTRA PROJECT specialists as a part of INTRATOOL group, is intended for high efficiency of equipment, reconstruction solutions and construction of industrial objects.
Pre-work Pre-project work aimed at justifying the project. After evaluating the results of the pre-project work, the customer makes conclusions about the reasonableness of investing in the development and implementation of the project, the prospects for its payback and the current state of affairs (in the case of modernization or repair). INTRATOOL Group carries out the following pre-project works: Feasibility Study (TEO); Technological audit; Basic technological solutions (OTR). After completion of the pre-project work, the Customer receives a complete picture of the project, its features and technical and economic characteristics. Pre-design work is carried out by the design department, which employs about 100 design engineers who are ready to solve problems in the field of designing new construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of industrial facilities.