Engineering solutions for offshore oil and gas facilities
The company developed and realized successful implementation of engineering solutions for construction and effective operation of offshore fields.
Key activity:
  • self-sealing repair clips, 
  • mechanical connecting couplings,  
  • technology of underwater pipelines cutting-in and overlapping of offshore production facilities without product transfer stopping, 
  • technologies of composite repair for underwater pipelines operation and repair 
  • technologies of underwater cleaning and insulation removal from pipelines and hydraulic engineering constructions, 
  • recovery and launchway operation technology without lifting works during repair and construction, 
  • the flexible underwater reinforced pipelines of new generation, 
  • underwater hydraulic tool, 
  • underwater machining equipment, 
  • installment of underwater hydroabrasive and plasma cutting. 
  • underwater installments for ground removal 

In addition, the company has developed training programs on technologies application. One of the key directions is also preengineering and maintenance and repair supervising on offshore production facilities.