• Anchor poles
    A wide range of anchor poles
  • Anchor points
    INTRATOOL Group offers a wide range of anchor points
  • Anchoring devices
    Anchor lines SZVT
  • Horizontal flexible anchor line GALEREYA
    To ensure the safety of work at height
  • Horizontal flexible anchor line GORIZONT
    Horizontal flexible anchor line GORIZONT
  • Horizontal rigid anchor line MOST
    Horizontal rigid anchor line MOST
  • Mobile support structures
    One of the security solutions for high-altitude work from INTRATOOL Group
  • Modular stairs
    Unique access systems with security barriers
  • Lifting and launching devices
    Lifting and launching devices
  • Fall Protection Equipment
    Fall Protection Equipment
  • Safety leash
    Safety leashes from INTRATOOL group
  • Training grounds
    Training grounds of the Intratool Group
  • Tripods
    ruler tripod for one and two people
Solutions for safety work at height More than a third of all industrial injuries in various industries are associated with violation of the rules for high-altitude work. The safety solutions of this type of work from falling from a height (personal protective equipment) include devices and devices that either do not allow the worker to fall, or provide a safe stop to fall in case it occurred. Spheres of use of such solutions: oil and gas industry (railway overpasses, ASN, gas stations, control points, fire towers); electric power industry (towers, masts, power transmission towers); construction industry (roofs, facades, stairs); transport industry; metallurgical industry; mining and metallurgical enterprises (crane railways, roofs of workshops).