Anchoring devices
Anchor lines SZVT
One of the types of safety equipment is anchor lines NWT. INTRATOOL Group of Companies offers various types of PPE

Retractable (used as a connection and shock-absorbing subsystem when working at any sites, both outdoors and indoors or in confined spaces (hatches, cisterns, wells, etc.).
Sliders are used on vertical, inclined shock absorbers (connective-shock-absorbing subsystem). This is a mandatory component of the safety system for work at heights.
Horizontal Flexible Anchor Lines
The rigid vertical anchor line VERTIKAL provides an unsurpassed level of safety during ascent / descent along any type of stationary ladder.

The line can be installed both indoors and outdoors, including in harsh climatic or operational conditions (areas of the Far North, rooftops, offshore drilling platforms, oil rigs).

Due to the special design, the grip (movable slide-type means of protection) moves freely along the entire length of the line without the aid of hands, thereby ensuring continuous protection of the user throughout the entire length of the ascent / descent section.

The advantages of the system:

A hermetic damping device built into the upper bar with a drop and tension indicator, which reduces the load on a person and elements of a permanent structure in the event of a breakdown.

Two simultaneous users on the same line segment. Two of the slider-type portable seizure systems (grippers) are included in the delivery package.

The grabs are made of A4 stainless steel, which provides high resistance to corrosion in environments containing acids, salts and chlorine.

The upper extension bar provides a safe exit for the user to the roof of the building / structure, platforms for masts, towers and other structures. The height of the bar (1300 mm) allows the user to remain continuously insured at the time of entering a horizontal platform without the need to detach from the anchor line at the upper edge of the stairs and organize an additional anchor point of attachment.

The unique fastening of the system allows installing it on all existing types of vertical ladders with a deflection angle of more than 75 ° (in accordance with GOST) with any diameter (from 10 to 45 mm) and a step shape (square, round, triangular), as well as the distance between the steps ( from 120 about 350 mm).

Intrinsic safety. The anchor line may be installed in fire hazardous and hazardous areas. Confirmed by a certificate (explosion protection: IIC Ga T6).

Important! When installing an anchor line in an explosive environment, check the availability of the appropriate certificate and Ex: IIC Ga T6 markings on all elements of the system.

Fast installation by own strength (does not require special skills