Horizontal rigid anchor line MOST
Horizontal rigid anchor line MOST
HIGH SAFETY horizontal rigid anchor line MOST is a universal solution for all types of work: work on tankers and railway cars, - draining, filling, taking samples, taking measurements, working on the roof, working in a sitting position while maintaining the facades of industrial and city buildings and structures (shopping centers, residential buildings, business centers).

The advantages of the system:

• Anchor line can be installed in fire-hazardous and hazardous areas, which is confirmed by a certificate. All components of the line are marked Ex: IIC Ga T6 (explosion protection: IIC Ga T6).

• Up to 3 simultaneous users on one line segment. Tested according to GOST EN / TS 16415- 2015.

• Possibility of mounting at any height - above the head, at shoulder level, at foot level.

• Suitable for working in unsupported space (work in vis / sitting position).

• Execution in two color options (silver; black).

• The system is anodized, which increases its strength and extends its service life.