Training grounds
Training grounds of the Intratool Group
The training ground is a training ground for practicing high level skills using safety systems. The landfill includes work areas that mimic the real working conditions of enterprise employees.

The landfill can be made in a standard modification, or designed at the request of the customer, taking into account the working sites and safety equipment needed by the enterprise for the most effective practical development of skills at height.

The landfill is equipped only with the safety equipment certified in accordance with TR TS 019/2011: anchor lines (horizontal and vertical, flexible and rigid), anchor posts, anchor points, retractor and slide-type protection means, evacuation systems, etc.

Work areas:

Work on the transformer.
Work on the disconnector.
Work on the support with the use of claws and manholes.
Work using PPE positioning.
Works with ladder and on scaffolding.
Evacuation of the victim from a height.
Descending / ascending stairs using a PPE of a slider type and a PPE of a retractor type.
Work on a horizontal surface using mobile anchor lines and points.