• Automatic candle filtration systems and candle filters
    The group of companies INTRATOOL is the official representative of the Swiss manufacturer of automatic candle filtration systems, candle filters and other equipment of the company - Dr. Muller AG (DrM).
  • Hydraulic tools
    The tools are specially designed for safe operation with a high risk of explosion, in the presence of flammable liquids or gases, or if anti-magnetic, corrosion-resistant tools are required.
  • Complex equipment of enterprises with modern equipment and tools
    The INTRATOOL group of companies offers an integrated approach to the supply of equipment and tools for equipping modern production, repair units, contractors
  • Integrated security systems
    Technical Directorate INTRATOOL develops the direction of integrated security systems, including technological television.
  • Equipment for repair of valves and control valves
    To solve problems related to the repair of valves, the INTRATOOL Group of Companies carries out the design and equipment of repair facilities and enterprises with portable, stationary equipment for current, medium and capital repairs, as well as for testing.
  • Equipment for loading / unloading racks
    ArmsService Company, a member of the INTRATOOL Group, designs, supplies and maintains discharge / discharge racks of any liquid products and gases into railway and car tanks, as well as into sea and river tankers.
  • Portable Machining Equipment
    The group of companies INTRATOOL offers equipment for solving problems of machining "in place"
  • Welding Solutions
    Vermat Service Company is a member of the INTRATOOL Group of Companies.
  • Technologies for repair and cleaning of heat exchange equipment
    The INTRATOOL group of companies offers solutions for most problems related to the maintenance and cleaning of heat exchange equipment.
  • Transport and storage technology
    Warehouse systems and crane equipment for industry, ports and terminals
  • Installations for cleaning and processing of residues of petroleum products
    VTM-Engineering, a member of the Group, presents two environmentally efficient technologies for the cleaning and processing of petroleum residues
Technologies from the INTRATOOL Group of Companies allow to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of technological and repair operations. The company offers its own innovative technologies, technologies of the best world manufacturers, as well as joint development. The main advantage is the maximum study of any technology under the customer. Any delivery contains an engineering component that allows you to implement a technological solution with maximum efficiency. In addition to introducing new technologies, engineers at INTRATOOL Group can improve the efficiency of existing technologies, as well as calculate the possibility of upgrading existing technological equipment (pumping and compressor plants).