Automatic candle filtration systems and candle filters
The group of companies INTRATOOL is the official representative of the Swiss manufacturer of automatic candle filtration systems, candle filters and other equipment of the company - Dr. Muller AG (DrM).

The company's product line includes sealed automatic candle filter systems for separating solids from liquids without contact with the external environment (Fundabac®, Contibac®, Steribac® GMP, Powerbac®) and Vibrating Agitators FUNDAMIX®.
 Without additional mechanical modifications in the same filter capacity, you can implement:
• Washing process. & nbsp;
• Drying. & nbsp;
• Re-dissolving the precipitate.
  • Upload. & nbsp;
Perhaps even forced mixing (in the case of a mixer installation).
These candle filter installations are poorly susceptible to changing properties of the workflow, successfully confront the problem of foaming. Filtered solids are automatically discharged as dry cake or thickened pulp.
 Candle filter installation & nbsp; DrM & nbsp; do not have moving parts, rollers, bearings, shafts. Therefore, maintenance is limited to the annual replacement of filter cloths to ensure reliable operation over the next year of operation.
 The cost of ownership of the filter installation & nbsp; DrM is significantly lower than that of conventional automatic filter installations. Moreover, the filter-installation & nbsp; DrM & nbsp; can reliably solve several problems at once in automatic mode - isolated filtration, drying of sediment, washing of sediment, reconstitution and unloading.
  DrM is a family-owned business of the inventor of the Fundabac filter systems — Hans Muller (1913-1984). At the moment it is owned and headed by the great-grandson of the founder. The key values ​​of the company were and continue to be & nbsp; - & nbsp; flexibility in solving customer problems, as well as the company's responsibility for the technical solutions provided. Company Dr. Muller AG (DrM) commissioned more than 3,300 candle filtration plants. The greatest experience has been gained in the implementation of projects in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, metallurgical and bio-pharmaceutical industries.
 When forming the proposal, the client conducts a detailed study of the properties of the customer’s work environment, which leads to minimization of the risks of unplanned downtime during commissioning. For this purpose, carried out the stage of laboratory and pilot tests. In many cases, when working with well-studied working environments and processes, it is enough to conduct only laboratory tests to give guarantees on the operation of the filter installation. The INTRATOOL group of companies has all the necessary equipment to conduct this kind of test in our or your laboratory.
  DrM filtration plants are used to trap particles ranging in size from 0.1 μm, from a flow of solutions up to 1000 m3 / hour, with a solids content up to 25% in many processes in various industries: chemical, mining, processing, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, production of microelectronics.
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