Integrated security systems
Technical Directorate INTRATOOL develops the direction of integrated security systems, including technological television.
One of the purposes of technological television is to provide the operator-technologist with a high-quality image in real time of the equipment or technological process to which access is currently impossible (explosive area, high temperature, aggressive environment, remoteness). Our decisions all take this into account.
Technological video surveillance
• Round the clock process control in hazardous areas.
• Thermovision control with radiometry for process automation.
• Improving safety, efficiency of production management.
• Flameproof enclosures.

Fiber-based vibroacoustic monitoring
• Vibroacoustic monitoring of pipelines using unique signal interpretation methods.
• Detection in real time with an accuracy of up to 5 meters of illegal tie-ins, unauthorized earthworks, leaks, projectile passing.
• Downstream monitoring.

IR leak detection
• A portable thermal imager for detecting and visualizing gas leaks at a distance.
• Prompt and safe inspection of process equipment, pipelines, closed switchgear, flanges, tanks.
• Intrinsically safe; IP65 version.