Equipment for repair of valves and control valves
To solve problems related to the repair of valves, the INTRATOOL Group of Companies carries out the design and equipment of repair facilities and enterprises with portable, stationary equipment for current, medium and capital repairs, as well as for testing.
The equipment for the assembly of the valve repair shop includes: <br>
 Stationary turning and grinding equipment for processing sealing surfaces of valves and flanges.
 Mobile turning and grinding machines for processing sealing surfaces of valves and flanges. 
 Welding (surfacing) equipment.
 Test benches. 

 INTRATOOL Group performs the following types of work with the help of the specialists of the INTRA PROJECT company, its own design bureau and the INTRA Service Company:
 Design and implementation of workshops and mobile workshops.
 Development of specialized equipment. 
 Repair of valves and fittings. 

 The logistics of the shop is calculated in such a way that the movement of valves during repair takes place at a minimum distance, taking into account the algorithm of movement of the repaired units. The selection of equipment, means of small-scale mechanization and tools necessary for the repair of valves and control valves of a given size with distribution to specialized workplaces is made. 

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