Technologies for repair and cleaning of heat exchange equipment
The INTRATOOL group of companies offers solutions for most problems related to the maintenance and cleaning of heat exchange equipment.
 For solutions for the extraction of tube bundles, the group of companies supplies equipment manufactured by Pienemann. In cases where the use of standard solutions is impossible, the specialists of the technical department of the Group of Companies have the necessary experience and resource base for designing and producing the necessary equipment.
 The model range of Pienemann tube bundle extractors is presented in the following versions:
 Hydraulic extractors - designed for disassembly (extraction and installation in place) of heat exchangers of various kinds. It is quickly installed using a single crane, operates from a diesel engine and performs its work with minimal costs, and is as safe as possible. Gives force to 50 tons. A standard extractor is 8 meters long and weighs 7 tons.
 Self-propelled tube bundle extractor.
 Pipe bundle extractor mounted on truck.
 Dismantling most tube bundles takes 15 minutes.
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Machines for processing flanges and tube sheets.

Rolling, pipe flaring tool, rolling machines, flange spreaders.


For solutions to remove contaminants in pipes of heat exchangers and in annular space, the INTRATOOL Group of Companies offers complexes based on equipment for hydrotreatment with high-pressure water using pumping units from HAMMELMANN.

Complexes for cleaning tube bundles are presented in the following versions:

  • Stationary complexes allow you to continuously perform work on cleaning the tube bundles of heat exchange equipment from various kinds of deposits. The equipment of the complex includes an installation for cleaning pipes with a package of rigid tubular rammers and an installation for cleaning the annular space of tube bundles), a set of roller supports for rotating the tube bundle during cleaning, as well as a high pressure installation. & Nbsp;

    The complex has the ability to clean up to 250 tube bundles per year. The cleaning takes place under the action of a water pressure of about 1000 bar through special nozzles located on rigid installation ramrods.

    • Mobile systems consist of a high-pressure pump and devices for efficiently cleaning the bundles inside and outside.

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