Training and methodical materials
The INTRATOOL Group develops and publishes various technical guides and materials in which specialists share their experience in the area of equipment and production facility maintenance and repair.
Materials for acquisition 

Pipeline repair guidance 

“Guidance on repair of production pipelines of oil refining and petrochemical enterprises with pressure up to 10 MPa(100 kgf/cm2).” 

"The repair manual of technological pipelines for the oil processing and petrochemical enterprises with pressure to 10 MPas (100kgs/cm ²)". 
This standard provides the most update information: technical requirements, recommendations, reference materials. 
Its target is to render practical help to the experts carrying out pipeline repair at operating oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and related enterprises. 
"Guidance on repair …" is the demanded technical documentation as production activity regulations for efficiency increase. 
It is approved by Advisory council of Association “ROSTEKHEKSPERTIZA”. 
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Training Bolting Rules and principles of bolting maintenance. 


The course represents a training material for the experts dealing with maintenance of bolted connections at the industrial enterprises. 
A course reveals basic concepts and principles of bolting, studding, nut connections and their maintenance methods. 

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