• Tool and equipment rental
    INTRATOOL Group Divisions provide industrial equipment and tool for maintenance and repair of production facility in rent.
  • Hot tapping and line stopping
    Hot tapping and line stopping for repairs and modifications do not require shutdown or interruption of plant operation.
  • Service for high turnaround maintenance efficiency
    Service interval and expenses, related to equipment maintenance during the period depend on overhaul efficiency of production facility.
  • Online repair technologies
    Modern innovative technologies facilitate online equipment maintenance and repair.
Specialized service Go Nonstop repair methods Go Insert and overlapping of the pipeline under pressure Leak recovery Composite Repair Restoration of equipment Inspection control and leak detection Intelligent Services Intrasoft reliability management system Supervising in capital construction Supervision in overhaul Bolting Technical University Industrial Services Corrosion under insulation Metallization Dry cleaning of pipelines and equipment Cleaning of tanks and tanks Cleaning heat exchangers Repair technology Groove, milling flanges Removing studs Pipe cutting, trimming Heat exchanger service Extraction tube bundles Complex repair Welding